Our Classes

Our classes are designed to engage, entrance and educate babies, toddlers and preschoolers and everything we do is carefully planned to support the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum so you can relax knowing your child's emotional, social, physical, intellectual and creative developmental needs are being addressed.  We want to help every child achieve their full potential and our classes are inclusive and welcoming to everyone.   

Our world is a colourful world and sensory rich in order to stimulate senses and brain growth.  We want our classes to become part of your everyday lives and we are full of good ideas and songs for you to enjoy all week long.   Our music is 'jellybeanish'.  We love music from all over the globe, counting songs and nursery rhymes.  We love jazz, we love reggae, we love action songs.  Our music is eclectic and varied.  We choose our music because it is good music - we don't believe small children only enjoy and respond to 'childrens music' but we're happy to still sing 'The Wheels on the Bus' sometimes!

Jellybeans Music - sensory rich music & movement classes for babies and toddlers


Perfect for tiny babies 4 weeks onwards through to early crawling

Jellybeans Music Sensory rich movement and movement classes for babies and toddlers

Family Beans

A multi age class perfect for confident crawlers through to 4 years old