Hi, I'm Elizabeth, Chief bean

I'm the creator of Jellybeans Music, a classically trained musician, Montessori teacher, mum of 3 boys -  I love writing and sharing new songs and  I am very inspired by music from all over the World.  I created and launched Jellybeans Music in 2007  and I still love singing and sharing the 'Hello' song which was written and recorded especially for my Jellybeans Music classes, as much as ever. 

I am passionate about my belief that high quality music activities should and must be at the very heart of Early Years activities. From language development to mathematical concepts. From singing alone to exploring sounds in a group.  From creating sounds to learning to be quiet. These are just a few of the amazing skills which music can develop in the child, while they are having fun enjoying and exploring their own creativity

I believe that Jellybeans Music classes must always be full of amazing learning opportunities and experiences for babies and young children and also a place of support, friendship and community for their adults.  A space where people can relax and enjoy time together with fantastic music and discover the joy of singing.  - after all singing is incredibly physically good for us, it boosts the immune system which can mean fewer colds, it combats stress and it releases the feel good endorphines. 

Quality music making is at our core

Having enjoyed a huge variety of preschool classes with all 3 of my boys, I felt there was a real gap in the market for quality music classes.  When my youngest started school I decided to create early years music classes which I would have loved to have shared with my boys -  classes which firmly puts quality, tuneful, music making at it's very heart but are also educational, active and fun.   Working with a specialist team of early years composers, our songs were composed and recorded, in keys and tempos I felt appropriate for the age groups and enjoyable for adults to sing and listen to, again and again and again.  Jellybeans Music may be constantly evolving as a business but the breadth and quality of our music and it's delivery remains at the very heart of everything

"I sing because I'm happy. I'm happy because I sing"

Music for me is as integral to my life as breathing.  I sing throughout my daily life and I  believe that everyone can sing.  Sometimes we forget the sheer pleasure that singing gives us and become overwhelmed at the thought that others might hear us so I believe it is also my role as a class leader to encourage everyone, adults and children to sing, sing, sing.

I have always loved music and performing.  I love to sing.  I love my guitar.  I enjoy the ukelele but the piano is not for me. Musically I have achieved the Royal College of Music Grade 8 in both Classical Guitar and Voice and I studied music performance as part of my BA Humanities Degree.