Hello, I'm Elizabeth, the founder of Jellybeans Music and I currently lead the classes in Leasingham, Navenby and Oakham as well as being the 'on- line' face of the classes.

I have always loved music and performing and I still remember the excitement of being given my first guitar for Christmas when I was 6 years old.  I also remember clearly the sheer terror of singing my first solo - it was 'Day by Day' from Godspell in case you are wondering - but I was never scared enough to stop wanting to know and try more. Musically I have achieved the Royal College of Music Grade 8 in both Classical Guitar and Voice and I studied music performance as part of my BA Humanities Degree.

I love to sing. I love my guitar.  I enjoy playing the Ukelele and I am just starting to learn the mandolin. I've toyed with the Piano but it just wasn't me.  Music for me is as integral to my life as breathing.  I sing throughout my daily life and I am always so proud observing a child's voice progress from early vocalization thorough to confident singing.  I also believe that everyone can sing, sometimes we forget the sheer pleasure that singing gives us and become overwhelmed at the thought that others might hear us so I believe it is also my role as a class leader to encourage everyone, adults and children to sing, sing, sing - after all singing is incredibly physically good for us, it boosts the immune system so fewer colds, it combats stress and it releases the feel good endorphines.