Meet the beans

Jellybeans wouldn't be jellybeans without the beans.  Integral to every single Jellybeans class are the four cuddly jellybeans who take it in turns to jump out of the bag at the start of every jellybeans class. Their names are Tilly (pink), Bertie (green), Sam (yellow) and Poppy (orange) and all are named after animals in Chief Bean's family. The jellybeans are much loved by the children and over the years although they may have changed shape and fabric, they are still there for cuddles, high fives and demonstration of actions. 

bean facts

The beans are a trademarked image, and manufactured in the UK.  They are available to buy in the Jellybeans shop

beans on tour

The jellybeans love to go on adventures and have been lucky enough to visit the Arctic Circle and Kenya with class members as well as countless days out with Chief bean