The story so far

Jellybeans Music was launched in 2007 and was created by me, Elizabeth James, a classically trained musician, Montessori teacher and mum of 3 boys.   It has always been and remains a family business since the moment my eldest son, came up with the name while he was eating a huge plate of pasta, my middle son, reached up and added the arms onto the initial drawings of the beans and my youngest son tested out all the equipment and songs.  They have all grown up with Jellybeans Music but continue to contribute 'bright' ideas and all have their own very special beans.

Jellybeans Music provides high quality, early music making experiences for babies, small children and their adults.  The business also delivers regular sessions into preschools, nurseries and Childrens' Centres.  

All classes are carefully planned using the key aspects from the Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum, reinforcing the child’s communication, language and literacy skills alongside their personal, social, emotional, mathematical, physical and creative development.  

All our classes are very interactive for both child and adults and in 2012, we won a prestigious Netmums award naming Jellybeans Music, Rutland's favourite Preschool class and we were finalists in the national What's On awards in 2011 and 2012 and shortlisted in the Mum and Working awards in 2011.