My New Normal

While Social Distancing remains vital to keep us all safe and healthy, all my classes are now delivered virtually using Zoom and Facebook Live Streaming.   

Thank you SO much for joining me in this adventure online and together, we'll be able to keep Jellybeans Music going throughout and beyond this pandemic. 

love Elizabeth, Chief bean x

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At [email protected] for just £5 per family, you will get full access to:

• TWO Family Beans multi age live stream classes full of laughter, energy, singing and music making and as always, these classes will fully support the EYFS ensuring your little beans are still learning through musical fun. Recordings of the Live Stream will be uploaded to the closed Facebook group so you can catch up or watch again & again - your choice!
• ONE interactive Zoom Family Beans class where we’ll sing, make music and enjoy seeing each other
• ONE interactive Zoom BABYBEANS class where we’ll sing, dance, tickle & bounce our babies and enjoy seeing & being together
• ONE pre-recorded BabyBeans class where I’ll be sharing activities and music that you can easily copy at home to support your little baby bean’s development
• PLUS pre-recorded Song of the Day & Activity videos

Content will be uploaded as available ie once a livestream has ended, a video will be uploaded and then the content will be available to watch until Sundays at 7pm. Just think, you can watch when you want, for how long you want, as many times as you want and press play/pause whenever you need too!

Family Beans Live Stream 10am – High energy music making to get our week going together with a swing
Family Beans Zoom interactive class 10am
BabyBeans Zoom interactive class 11am
Family Beans Live Stream at 10am - Time to wriggle & giggle our way into the weekend
PLUS prerecorded Song of the Day pre-recorded videos , so everyday is a Jellybeans singing day

**Family Beans - perfect for mobile little babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, (and big brothers and sisters)
**BabyBeans - perfect for tiny little babies who are yet to work out how to move (and bigger ones who want to join in with their teddies & dollies)

Birthday Parties

Birthdays are special days, and possibly even more special when we are social isolating.  Virtual parties are now available using the app Zoom so all your guests can see & hear each other as we sing, groove and laugh, celebrating your little one's special day.  At just £40 for 30 minutes which includes a video recording of the Jellybeans Music entertainment.