Welcome to Family Beans

Whether you have an active crawler or an inquisitive chatty 4 year old, this is the class for everyone to sing, laugh & learn together.  From the moment either Tilly, Sam, Bertie or Poppy bean jump out of the bag, this is a class crammed full of energy, joy, colour, sounds & movement & every single thing we do supports the Early Years Foundation Stage Curricula so you can relax knowing your child's developmental needs are fully supported.   These classes are immersive, interactive & inclusive.  We encourage everyone to sing, dance & make music together regardless of age or ability & there are always enough instruments for everyone. 

Family Beans is a relaxed class, we understand that small children often struggle to sit still.   We sing action songs, counting songs, nursery rhymes.  We sing accompanied & we sing unaccompanied.  We learn to listen & we love exploring the huge tubs of percussion instruments - no one has any many instruments as us!   

We want everyone to have a happy time every single time  so Family Beans is a class to wriggle & giggle in.  Tickle & be tickled back,  Laugh, sing, twirl, swirl & enjoy 45 minutes of precious time away from day to day living together. 

We love our Family beans class. It's not just about a 45 minutes class. We've taken so many ideas and songs home and shared them as a family. One song in particular got us through a very long and scary night in A&E and we now sing together at bed time

Jodie, Arthur's Mum 

It can be hard moving to a new place and feeling disconnected from your surroundings, so I can't overstate how thankful I was to have found such a welcoming, joyful space where - whatever else was going on - we could come each week and feel like we belonged

Kate, Indiana's Mum

Two boys and two years later and we have had our last Jellybeans class due to returning to work. Hopefully not for too long!

I've loved every second of singing, rocking and dancing on our Wednesday mornings!

Nicole, Arthur & Theo's Mum

Many of your songs are part of our daily singing lives (me not as tuneful as the boys, and they always have to correct me with the words), but thankyou for giving us all confidence, ability to share and general socialisation.  You have helped me become a mum

Lizzie, Harvey & Sammy's Mum

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We currently have Family beans classes running across Rutland and Lincolnshire.  To book a Trial class please click on the button below or browse our Timetable page