Welcome to your Jellybeans class

We love the Jellybeans programme,  a multi age class so everyone whether they are just crawling or about to start school can enjoy and learn together. 

Each class is crammed full of a very wide range of activities to stimulate this age range so be prepared to get physical as whilst younger toddlers need help mastering physical skills like bouncing and twirling, older preschoolers will love the chance to explore physicality with their grown up and we haven't met a child yet who doesn't love clambering on their 'see saw' or 'space ship'.

In this class, the hugely popular four cuddly jellybeans, Sam, Poppy, Tilly and Bertie are introduced for lots of hugs and kisses, alongside counting songs, action songs, listening, movement, nursery rhymes and lots more. We sing accompanied and unaccompanied and love to explore the huge percussion orchestra - we are pretty sure that no other music class has as many instruments as us and yes, there are a lot of bubbles!  

We want everyone to have a happy experience, every single time, so our classes are a time to wriggle, sing your hearts out, tickle your little one and be tickled back, giggle, jump and join in 100% in some wonderful fun with your small person.

 All our Award winning Jellybeans Music classes guarantee a warm, friendly welcome from a classically trained musician and Early Years specialist. This programme has been carefully planned and structured to support the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum so you can relax in the knowledge that your child's emotional, social, physical, intellectual and creative developmental needs are being supported whilst having fun together.  

45 minutes of active, musical fun

A Jellybeans class is inclusive, immersive and very interactive so children and adults can enjoy making music together. We encourage everyone in the room to sing, dance and make music together, regardless of age or abilities and there are always enough instruments and equipment for everyone. 

Multi age fun - perfect for families

Jellybeans is a multi age class ,so perfect for families with little ones of different ages and all our class leaders are skilled at working with mulit age classes and they work hard to ensure that the needs of both the older and younger children are both met and fulfilled.

"Arty loves his jellybeans class, he's always loved music and Elizabeth brings all the songs to life. It's not just the 45 minutes we are in the room either, we've taken so many ideas and songs home and shared them as a family. One song in particular that got us through a very long and scary night in A&E which we now sing together at bed time every night"  Arthur's Mum, Jodie  

"It can be hard moving to a new place and feeling disconnected from your surroundings, so I can't overstate how thankful I was to have found such a welcoming, joyful space where - whatever else was going on - we could come each week and feel like we belonged"  Indiana's Mum, Kate

"I can not thank you enough for the years of fun you have given Harvey, myself and now Sammy too. Not just the music and dancing that you have given us, many of your songs are part of our daily singing lives (me not as tuneful as the boys, and they always have to correct me with the words), but the confidence, ability to share and general socialisation.  You have helped me"  Harvey & Sammy's Mum, Lizzie