Award Winning Music classes for babies and small children

Welcome to Jellybeans Music

Since 2007, we have been loving creating fun and relaxed classes for babies and small children.  All our classes are not only crammed full of quality music, fun, great instruments and energy but support the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum so you can relax and enjoy the class together,  confident that we are supporting your child's emotional, social, physical, intellectual and creative development.  We believe our classes are a community, a place of support, friendship for everyone who 'stretches up high like a jellybean'' and we want everyone to feel welcome. 

In 2012, we won a prestigious Netmums award naming Jellybeans Music, Rutland's favourite Preschool class and we were finalists in the national What's On awards in 2011 and 2012 and shortlisted in the Mum and Working awards in 2011.

And finally in 2018, we decided to start a whole new adventure and launched our business as a franchise opportunity across the UK!

"I have loved my Jellybeans Music classes since the very first time we sang 'Touch the ground and stretch up high' in my first babybeans class. I  adore that we all have a go at everything whether we know the songs or not, it is so easy to just sing in these classes.   I love the companionship,  the friends I've made, the way we help each other through all the ups and downs of parenthood"