Welcome to Jellybeans Music

Since 2007 we have been creating music classes for babies, toddlers, families that are special times, an escape from busy day to day parenting life, a chance to breath and connect.

Our music classes are crammed full of amazing music from all over the World, laughter, energy and smiles and they are very friendly, relaxed, supportive, inclusive places where everyone is welcome and encouraged to sing, wriggle and giggle.  We are passionate about the importance of crucial early years development and everything we do is carefully planned to ensure that learning opportunities are maximised across the entire EYFS curriculum.  We support every child in achieving their own individual potential but it's not all about the little ones - we are equally passionate about supporting you in your parenting life.  

The land of the beans is a joyful, sensory rich, high energy world full of music that you and your family will love.

Welcome to the Jellybeans Tribe

Elizabeth, Chief bean


For babies from 4 weeks to early crawling

Family Beans

A multi age class perfect for early crawlers through to 4 years.


Party entertaining for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th birthdays


Franchise opportunities now available across the UK

 "This isn't just a group to go and sing a few songs in.  The energy and enthusiasm is just contagious. No matter how bad our morning starts, we always leave Jellybeans with a big smile on our faces"

Bev - Ed & Emily's Mum

"My 7 month daughter and I attend baby beans and it is honestly the most happy and engaged I see Ellie all week. We love the classes and I enjoy time away from everything to focus on my girl"

Emma - Ellie's mum

"These sessions are inclusive of ALL children and we not only interact together but with all the other children & mums in the class. We have never left a class without feeling happy"

Sarah - Parker's Mum

I love that we all have a go, it is so easy to sing in these classes. I love the companionship, the friends I've made, the way we help eachother through all the ups & downs of parenthood. 

Fiona - Euan, Rory & Anna's Mum

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We currently have classes running in Lincolnshire and Rutland.  To find your nearest class either click on the button below or browse our Timetable page