About Our Classes

All our Award winning Jellybeans Music classes guarantee a warm, friendly welcome from a classically trained musician and Early Years specialist.  Our two programmes have been carefully planned and structured to support the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum so you can relax in the knowledge that your child's emotional, social, physical, intellectual and creative developmental needs are being supported whilst having fun together.  

Jellybeans Music 45 minute classes are inclusive, immersive and very interactive so children and adults can both enjoy making music and being together.   We love encouraging everyone in the room to sing, dance and make music together, regardless of age or abilities and there are always enough instruments and equipment for everyone.  We want everyone to have a happy experience, every time you come, so our classes are a time to wriggle, sing your heart out, tickle your little one and be tickled back, giggle, jump and join in 100% in the high energy fun with your little one.  

Jellybeans Music currently offers two classes, Jellybeans and baby beans. We recognise that different ages have very specific developmental milestones and we want both you and your child to enjoy and learn from our classes. The age ranges are for guidance only as each child is an individual and develops at his/her own pace.  We aim to be as inclusive as possible and we welcome and are experienced with working with children with special needs in all our classes.

If you are unsure which class is best for your child, please talk to us and we'll help you decide.  

Baby beans

A 45 minute class perfect from birth to very early walking

baby beans is a gentle, relaxed introduction to music making for non mobile babies. Each class is jam-packed full of sensory stimulation using sound, touch, movement and colour as they lie, roll, sit, crawl and finally toddle. We recognise the importance of verbal and physical interaction between you and your baby as it is integral to a young baby's development physically, socially and emotionally, so plan our classes to support this. Baby beans is a class full of gummy kisses,tickling, singing, cuddling, rocking and rolling, bouncing and dancing    Our baby beans classes are very relaxed times; we understand that sometimes babies just want to be held or fed or nappies need changing.  Expect to hear music from all around the globe, to learn songs, rhymes and play ideas to enjoy at home and a time to meet and make friends with people who have babies the same age.

Oh, and did we mention the bubbles?



A 45 minute multi age class suitable from early walking to four years

Jellybeans was our very first programme and remains a very popular class.  It is a multi age class ,so perfect for families with different age children and all our class leaders are skilled at balancing and fulfilling the needs of older and younger children.  In this class we use a wide range of activities and equipment to stimulate this age range and it is a physical class as especially younger toddlers benefit greatly from adult 'hands on' musical fun and the preschoolers don't want to be left out from any bouncing song fun.  In this class, the hugely popular four jellybeans, Sam, Poppy, Tilly and Bertie are introduced for lots of hugs and kisses alongside counting songs, action songs, movement, nursery rhymes and lots more.  We sing accompanied and unaccompanied and love to explore the huge percussion orchestra - no one else has as many instruments as us - and we also learn how to listen.  

Oh, and yes, we still use lots of bubbles!