Golden beans is probably unlike anything your residents have experienced before and very unlike a traditional entertainer. Music is used to engage and stimulate by combining music, both live and recorded, movement and reminiscence. Our sessions are full of energy and laughter and we work hard to engage with everyone in the group. With an emphasis on the joy of being together, the sessions involve activities that allow expression and recall without any pressure, just gentle encouragement to participate if and when ready. Person-centred movement activities, e.g. scarves, streamers, feathers, balloons and bubbles are combined with a good old fashioned sing-a-long enabling everyone to contribute in a way that is applicable to their body, energy and personality and every resident has the opportunity to sing, move and play instruments. We plan our sessions carefully in order to maximise wellbeing. We constantly move around the room in order to maximise interaction and do not use microphones or large sound systems. We do, however, like to use pompoms, scarves, balloons, bubbles, instruments, scrunchy bands, to name but a few resources and we bring it all with us. We have work with many different groups primarily in care and nursing homes with people living with dementia and the active elderly.

"Golden beans is fabulous fun. The residents love it and I cannot recommend the activity highly enough”  Activities Co-ordinator               Order of St John

  • Each session lasts for 60 minutes
  • We include a variety of music, so there’s really should be something for everyone.  Musically we cover 1920's through to 1970's
  • Our sessions are affordable, so your residents can benefit from regular sessions in your activity diary
  • Each session is delivered by a fully-trained musician
  • Activities in our session are designed to stimulate several areas of the brain at once
  • The main aim of our work is to engage everyone in the room and to make sure everyone has fun

The only real way to experience and explain what we do is to book us and discover our sessions first-hand, so why not get in touch with us today? You can contact us directly by clicking here!