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  1. So what do you think of when you think of teamwork? 

    Do you immediately visualize a group of men running around a football field?  Or do you think of the Paw Patrol team?

    Either way, I imagine the 'team' you are imagining is not full of small, independently minded toddlers and preschoolers with limited impulse control?  Well, I think you're wrong.  I think the children and adults in Jellybeans Music classes are a team and work together as a team every single week.  Not sure?  Think about how your class works together when the lycra or parachute or scrunchy band comes out.  Think about how your class works together to tidy away the instruments.   We are very much a team

  2. 33924246_10155211281681710_8110372953343918080_n

    Keen eyed readers may realise that this is not a new blog post - I used to blog regularly when my boys were young then stopped as they objected to being identifiable.  But, this was one of the most popular blog posts I ever wrote and to be honest it is as valid today as it was back in 2011 and when I thought about rewriting it, it felt a bit like reinventing the wheel

    Jellybeans HQ has not been it's usual noisy, happy place recently.  Our youngest son is poorly with earache.  He has been suffering since thursday when we went swimming and he got 'water in his ear'.  We've been giving him the painkillers every two hours for what feels like years already and the nights have been awful for all of us - bringing back all those memories of having a small baby/toddler in the house who wouldn't sleep and as he is now 8, these are not memories we like revisiting very much!  We've been to see the emergency Doctor but nothing is helping and every time he accidentally touches his ear, he demonstrates that he has inherited his mother's ability to 'belt it out'.

    However, as I ran his bath last night, he crawled onto my lap and I instinctively gently began rocking him from side to side.  He smiled and snuggled in closer, then I heard the words, I haven't heard for a long time, "sing love me mummy".   I started singing 'his' song and I felt his whole body relax.