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  1. Hands up everyone who has ever been told to stop singing along by your child?  Yep, it happens to each and everyone of us who have ever spontaneously dared to sing along with whatever your child is listening too.  It might be a film, it might be their beloved Jellybeans Music Wriggly Giggly CD, it might an advert, it doesn't really matter to your child, you are interrupting them in a way they don't like and aren't happy about.  

    But, they are not channelling their inner Simon Cowell, they are not trying to hurt your feelings - they aren't really old enough to recognise that you will be upset or irritated, they are still primarily egocentric.

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    I talk a lot in class and in the blog about how music is such a great tool developmentally and how singing together with your child is such a great bonding tool but let's not forget it is also very useful for, shall we say, those moments when your child is demonstrating what a strong personality they have, how they have the potential to lead the free world, ie those moments when a tantrum might be brewing or when they really decide nap time is not going to happen.  Here are some of my favourite uses of music in day to day parenting life - and yes, all tried and tested on my boys!