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    It is no secret at Jellybeans Music that I love bubbles probably as much as babies and toddlers.  I love watching the tiny babies focus on the bubbles swirling above their heads.  I never tire of toddlers trying to catch and blow them and hearing early talkers say the word 'ubble, ubble' as soon as they see me, still gives me goosebumps.  But did you know that I use bubbles not just because I love them but because they are a fanastic early years development tool?

  2. One of the first things people ever say to me when they find out that I both create and deliver Jellybeans Music early years music classes is either 'You must love singing Wheels on the Bus' or 'You must be so tired of singing Wheels on the Bus'.  It is an iconic song of a 21st century early childhood, one of those songs that expectant parents probably look forward to singing with their new baby although I do wonder whether if we were to time travel forward to visit them 4 years later, those very same parents may very well be wondering why they ever wanted to sing it in the first place...........