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  1. group2 (42)

    I've been sat at my desk this afternoon messing around with sounds as I get ready for the new term of Jellybeans Music classes and in particular, I've been thinking a lot, and I mean, a lot about new cuddling songs.  I know, I know, you all love Skinnamarink and so do I, but it has been eleven years now .........

    I am very lucky to know many very talented musicians who perform and produce amazing music and this afternoon I was idly flicking through sounds when a particular lullaby started playing and before I knew it, I was quietly singing along and crying.

  2. group2 (14)

    I have no doubt that if you have taken the time to click through to read this that you are either already totally a fan of Jellybeans Music classes or you are more than a little curious about why grown ups willingly agree to sit on the floor (chairs are available if floor sitting is hard) and sing nursery rhymes tunelessly together with other adults whilst your baby either sleeps or your toddler explores their surroundings.  Go on, admit it, if you’ve never been to a music class, I bet you have lots of opinions about ‘what we do’, so, are you ready to go music class myth busting?

    Music classes only sing songs which everyone knows so they’re not worth the money

    Ok, maybe some music classes only sing songs which you already know but that is most certainly not the case in my Jellybeans Music classes.