Welcome to BabyBeans

Perfect for tiny babies from 4 weeks old to early, tentative crawlers,  BabyBeans is a gentle, relaxed introduction to music for both you and your new baby during those amazing first few months when your baby changes so rapidly.   This is a class full of sensory experiences, using sound, touch, movement and colour but we are very careful not to overstimulate or overwhelm your baby's senses.  We know how important it is to your baby's development, physically, emotionally and cognitively that you interact physically and verbally together so expect a class full of gummy kisses, tickling, singing, dancing, rocking, rolling and bounces. 

But BabyBeans is not just about singing with your baby,  It is also about you as you navigate the early months of parenthood.  It is a very relaxed class, we understand that sometimes your baby will just want to be held or fed and that nappies always need changing just as you are about to leave the house.  This is a  time for you to meet other new mums and dads, relax, breathe and laugh.   

We also remember really clearly just how tiring being a new parent is and how lonely it sometimes felt.  Every member of BabyBeans is invited to join a closed facebook group full of play ideas for you to enjoy during the week, a place to chat with other parents and a place to ask your class leader for a lyric or melody.

Each BabyBeans class lasts for 45 minutes during which we sing songs, enjoy rhymes and explore baby safe instruments which are cleaned before every single class.  We love peek a boo rhymes and baby dancing and no class is complete without baby brain build, exercises to music designed to support your baby's neural pathway development .   

Oh, and did we mention the bubbles and our beautiful baby massage bit?

My baby LOVES her weekly BabyBeans class and I thoroughly enjoy the experience with her. So much fun is had, singing dancing and learning galore!  A fantastic experience for all, not to mention the lovely Elizabeth making the whole class feel welcomed and happy! 

Jodie, Ellie-Rose's mum

From the moment we walked in we felt very welcome and at ease as everything was clearly explained.  It was the best 45 minutes & got me in a good mood for the week & both of us made new friends.  I was unsure & nervous before I went, & being a first time mum, not sure what to expect but I loved it.

Laura, Freya's mum

My daughter and I have lots of fun at BabyBeans.  It's a great way to encourage language, sensory and social skills through fun and exploration.  The songs and rhymes are so catchy too, I constantly have them running through my head all week afterwards and we love our baby dancing

Sammi, Millie's Mum

I honestly loved BabyBeans so much, it gave me a reason to get out and gave me confidence every time I pushed myself out the door. 
I met some strong, amazing women and can’t wait to come back again with my next baby.
It’s more than a music class, it was amazing

Roxie - Esme & Skye's Mum

Find your nearest BabyBeans class

There are currently Babybeans classes running across Rutland and South Lincolnshire.  To find your nearest class, either head over and browse our Timetable or book a Trial class below