Welcome to your babybeans class

The babybeans programme is a gentle, relaxed introduction to music making for very young babies and is perfect throughout those amazing first months as your baby changes so rapidly before your eyes.  We don't set an minimum age, it depends on how you are feeling as a new parent.  We've welcomed many tiny babies over the years, the youngest being just days old, but whether you are ready immediately to go out and meet other parents and babies or if you prefer to wait until you are settled, you will always be very welcome and we do everything to make it as easy for you as possible.   Each class is jam-packed full of sensory experiences using sound, touch, movement and colour as they lie, roll, sit, crawl and finally toddle but we are very careful not to overstimulate or overwhelm the senses. We recognise the importance of verbal and physical interaction between you and your baby as it is integral to a young baby's development physically, socially and emotionally, so plan our classes to support this. If you are looking for a class full of gummy kisses,tickling, singing, cuddling, rocking and rolling, bouncing and dancing, babybeans is the class for you.  

What do you do in class?

In each 45 minute class we sing songs, enjoy rhymes and explore baby safe instruments which are cleaned before every single class.  We love peek a boo rhymes and baby dancing and no class is complete without baby brain build, exercises to music designed to support your baby's neural pathway development.   You'll learn new songs, rhymes and have the opportunity to meet and make friends with people who have babies the same age. 

Oh, and did we mention the bubbles?

Relaxed, friendly and fun

Our babybeans classes are very relaxed times; we understand that sometimes babies just want to be held or fed and that nappies always seem to need changing just as you are leaving home. We know that sometimes new parents are so tired, song lyrics seem impossible to remember so all new 'Babybeaners'  are given a download of lyrics, rhymes and play ideas so you can carry on singing and playing at home all week long.

"I started babybeans when my daughter was just over three months old. From the moment we walked in, we were made very welcome and at ease as everything was explained as we went along,  It was the best 45 minutes and puts you in a good mood for the week.  I, as a mum made some new friends as well as my daughter. It really is a brilliant fun class and halloween and christmas are fantastic sessions.  It really is the best thing i did going as i was unsure & nervous before I went, being a first time mum what to do and what to expect."  Freya's mum, Laura

"My baby LOVES attending babybeans weekly and i thoroughly enjoy the experience with her, I mean who wouldn't! So much fun is had, singing dancing and learning galore! A fantastic experience for all, not to mention the lovely Elizabeth making the whole class feel welcomed and happy!"  Ellie-Rose's mum, Jodie