The Jellybeans Music story so far  

Hello, my name is Elizabeth James and I created Jellybeans Music in 2007 to introduce very young children to high quality, interactive, crammed full of fun Early Years Music classes.  

As a mum of 3 boys, I very much enjoyed a huge variety of preschool classes with all of them but none of them gave my boys the introduction to music that I wanted.  As an experienced Montessori teacher and classically trained musician, when my youngest started school, I decided it was time to create a class which I would have loved to attend with my boys using as my inspiration not only my professional background but my experiences making music with my own children.  Working with the composer Purple Marmalade, our songs were composed and recorded, in keys and tempos I felt appropriate for the age groups and enjoyable for adults to sing and listen to, again and again and again.  As the business has grown and developed, the breadth and quality of our music has remained at the very heart of the business and in order to expand the already big repertoire we have collaborated with the composers at Rhythm Express and Music for Baby.

I believe that music should and can be at the very heart of Early Years activities. From language development to mathematical concepts. From singing alone to exploring sounds in a group.  From creating sounds to learning to be quiet. These are just a few of the amazing skills which music can develop in the child, while they are having fun enjoying and exploring their own creativity.

Our classes are created using the key aspects from the Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum, reinforcing the child’s communication, language and literacy skills alongside their personal, social, emotional, mathematical, physical and creative development.  

All our classes are very interactive for both child and adults and in 2012, we won a prestigious Netmums award naming Jellybeans Music, Rutland's favourite Preschool class.  

Why not come to class and enjoy some wriggling and giggling?