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Asian Dreamland

Asian Dreamland

A harmonious collection of tranquil lullabies and soothing songs from ancient asian lands

Putumayo Kids Say

Asia is the world’s largest continent and is home to many different cultures and traditions. But no matter what the country or language, parents all across the continent must find ways to get their children to sleep each night. Asian Dreamland offers soothing and musically intriguing songs from countries as diverse as Japan, China, India and even the Republic of Tatarstan. This harmonious collection of tranquil songs is perfect for yoga and meditation as well as putting the little ones to sleep. The full-color liner notes for Asian Dreamland feature information about each artist and the music, printed in English, French, Spanish and German.

Asian Dreamland follows gently in the footsteps of Putumayo Kids’ first lullaby collection, Dreamland, one of the best-selling children’s and family CDs from the label. Much as mothers have for generations sung their children to sleep, most songs on this album were recorded by women. Performers also include leading artists whose work represents modern interpretations of ancient traditions, such as Shang Shang Typhoon (Japan), the Yoshida Brothers (Japan), Ali Akbar Khan (India) and Lei Qiang (China), as well as lesser known artists like Kelsang Chukie Tethong, who performs a Tibetan chant, and Zulya (Tatarsan).

One can also hear unique instruments, ranging from the shamisen, a three-stringed instrument similar to a banjo that came to Japan from China many centuries ago, to the erhu, an ancient Chinese instrument whose origins go back more than a thousand years, and the sarode, an Indian instrument that is similar to the violin.

We say

For more years than we like to admit, bedtimes in our house has been accompanied by this CD, we never stay overnight without it!  The dulcet tones of Shang Shang Typhoon, just make our eyes grow heavy as we 'take a trip to the stars in a moon shaped boat'


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